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Justin Timberlake was born to be a star. The now "King of Pop" started out in the Mickey Mouse Club, in the US's search for the next superstar. From there, his talents earned him a place at the head of the table in N'Sync, who dominated the boy band scene in the late 90s. Timberlake had arrived, along with much-publicised relationships with other stars, including Britney Spears and Baby Spice, Emma Bunton.

His solo career broke out in 2002, as he grew into a man, creating pop songs that would last the decade. Timberlake has gone on to have sell out tours, pick up numerous awards and even present them! He has also gone on to become an accomplished actor with his acting talents landing him roles in 18 movies, including Oscar nominated pictures such as The Social Network and Friends with Benefits. In 2013, he returned to music after a hefty acting spell, and has gone on to dominate the charts once again with worldwide hits like "Not a bad thing" and "Love never felt so good", the latter of which being recorded "with" the seemingly immortal Michael Jackson.

After his string of high-profile relationships in the spotlight, JT has finally been tied down and got married to another well-known star, Jessica Biel, on October 19 2014. And they wasted no time in starting their family as it is now being reported that Biel is pregnant with the couple's first child!


  • Justified (2002) - The first solo album, announcing him as the prince of pop
  • FutureSex/LoveSounds (2006) - Co-produced with Timberland, his biggest album, topping the world charts and making him a sex icon to women everywhere
  • The 20/20 Experience (2013) - A new sound, and a more mature feel

Justin Timberlake's Biggest Hits

  • Cry Me a River (2003)
  • Rock Your Body (2003)
  • Sexy Back (2006)
  • My Love (2006)
  • What Goes Around Comes Around (2007)
  • Suit & Tie (2013)
  • Mirrors (2013)
  • Love Never Felt So Good (2014)

5 Things You Didn't Know About JT

  1. He has both OCD and ADD
  2. Remember that show Punk'd? He was so stoned when he appeared on it!
  3. His hit "Rock Your Body" was actually written for his idol, Michael Jackson
  4. He loves tequila and actually owns his own brand, called 901
  5. He is the man responsible for Mcdonald’s slogan, "Im Lovin’ it!". Thanks a lot, Justin.

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