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Mark Ronson

He is a superstar DJ and producer. From hip hop to pop, Mark Ronson has taken a rise like no other since his first studio album in 2003. He has worked with the likes of Amy Winehouse, Boy George, Bruno Mars and Jack White, producing some of the biggest hits we know today. What's more, he has just released one of the biggest selling singles in the history of humanity in "Uptown Funk". Safe to say, he is a man of versatility.

An English boy, he moved to New York at 16, honing his skills on the drums, guitar and inevitably, the decks. Arguably his biggest success has been the making of the late, great Amy Winehouse, a dear friend of his. He produced a number of tracks for her album "Back to Black" in 2006, which shot her into superstardom. His biggest studio album was "Version", released in 2007, which featured a number of collaborations, covering various hits with his own funky style. A stand out hit was "Valerie", a collab with Winehouse.


  • Here Comes the Fuzz (2003) - Mr Hip Hop, no pop in here!
  • Version (2007) - The big one! Mark really arrived with this album, a massive UK success
  • Record Collection (2010) - Not much to say about this one - Dud!
  • Uptown Special (2015) - Big return, includes mega-hit "Uptown Funk" with Bruno Mars

Ronson's Biggest Hits

  • Oh Wee (2003)
  • Just (2006)
  • Oh My God (2007)
  • Stop Me (2007)
  • Valerie (2007)
  • Bang Bang Bang (2010)
  • Uptown Funk (2015)

5 Things You Didn't Know About Mark Ronson

  1. Remember the show Thundercats? Rumour has it, Ronson, AGED 8, wrote the theme tune - mind blown!
  2. He has produced monster hits like 'Locked Out Of Heaven' by Bruno Mars and 'Rehab' by his late, great mate, Amy Winehouse.
  3. Last time Tom Cruise was married... Yeah, he DJ'd at it.
  4. His huge track of 2015, 'Uptown Funk', earned $100,000 a week at its peak of popularity!
  5. Drake rejected his collaboration request - not wise!

With such a varied back-catalogue, you are almost certain to like more than a couple of Ronson's tracks. Why not use the links below to download some of his songs in MP3 format (compatible with iPhones and iPods) for just a few pence each...

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